Challenge and Block Lotto

Block Lotto "Bird Theme"  

Lead Anny Schomburg

Due at the June 17, 2023 Meeting

This round we will be making Bird Blocks! 

The bird block pattern was created by Jean-sophie Wood, creator of the Block Lotto blog.  Missouri Star Quilt Co. created a tutorial.

SIZE :   Unfinished Block Size is 6.5" x 9.5" (This will be your block size submitted - Trimmed up and Ready for the Winner to Sew together) 

BIRD COLOR:  Any Color (Use your stash/Scraps!)

BACKGROUND:  Light colors, Low Volume, Tone on Tone

SacMQG Challenge - Due at July meeting!

Quilt to finish 16” x 20” vertical or horizontal

Everyone will use a complimentary color combination based on the month

of their birth:

1. Jan/Feb: Red/yellow

2. Mar/April: Orange/green

3. May/June: Yellow/Blue

4. July/Aug: Green/Purple

5. Sept/Oct: Blue/Red

6. Nov/Dec: Violet/Orange

Everyone will use one of 12 shapes based on the letter of their 1 st name:

A B = square

C D = rectangle

E F = circle

G H = 90º triangle

I J K = Hexagon

L M = Rod (length 5-10X width)

N O = 60º triangle

P R = Thimble

S T = Diamond

V W Y = 120 triangle

The shape must be used once but may be used multiple times

The colors must be the main colors in the quilt. May add one (two?) neutrals i.e.

shades of white/beige, grays or blacks

The shape may be any size and/or multiple sizes

The quilt may be pieced or appliqued.