Challenge and Block Lotto

🎼 A Musical Quilt Challenge 🎼

What: Optional quilt challenge for members of the Sac MQG

When: Due at the January 2024 Meeting

How: Make a finished quilt that interprets a piece of music  of your choice.  You can interpret the musical piece's Title.  Examples:

Or the Emotional/ Thematic feeling of the music.  Examples:

Size:  Must be Square.  Minimum size is 12x12 inches (The size of a vinyl record cover) and up to 20x20 inches

Colors, etc: Up to the Maker,  Can be patchwork, raw-edge applique, fused - whatever technique you want.  Can include embellishments.  Must be Quilted and Finished.  Have fun!

Inspiration:  If you are on Instagram, check out posts by Latifah Saafir @latifahsaafirstudios on her hip hop art quilt.  Other great accounts that look like they're musically inspired (though aren't necessarily): @entropyalwayswins @joethequilter @margaretfabrizio

BLOCK LOTTO 2024 - Stripey Star (Pattern Compliments of Wombat Quilts)

Lead: Loretta Lowe

Finished size 8 inch, unfinished 8.5 inch

*Make 4 units to create the 8 inch block (Be sure to leave 1/4 inch seam allowance of each for joining)

Fabric: Sections 1-5 all same color way (as many as you like)

Sections 6-7 low volume white