2023 Meeting Schedule

January 21 

Special Presentation by Karen Bolan

Meissners Sacramento

February  18 

Creating Negative Space to your Quilt

Meissners Sacramento

March 1

QuiltCon and our Retreat

over Zoom

April 1

'Improv' - Darryl and others

Meissners Sacramento

May 2

Special Backyard Event

An Email will provide location details

June 17

Increasing your Online Presence - Emily Carroll

Meissners Sacramento

July 15

Let's Get Organized  - Kim Brownell

Meissners Sacramento

August 19

Guest Speaker  - David Owen Hastings

Minimal Design, Maximum Impact

Meissners Sacramento

September 16

Meissners Sacramento

October 21 

Annual Quilts in the Park

November 18

Meissners Sacramento

December 16

Annual Holiday Party

Our meetings are held the third Saturday of every month from 10:00 a.m. to Noon.  A typical meeting consists of a presentation or activity on a topic relevant to our membership, block lottos and challenge activities, announcements, a little bit of business and an opportunity to socialize with each other in a casual atmosphere. We also love show and tell; and usually plan in a lot of time for sharing!  We're expecting all in-person meetings for 2023, provided it's safe for us to do so.  Meetings are held at Meissner,  2417 Cormorant Way, Sacramento, unless otherwise noted.